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The beginning of the adventure

Claude, founder of Iconic Items Paris, is quintessentially Parisian, born and bred.
The magical City of Light has been a constant source of inspiration, especially spending time at her favourite spot: the Palais-Royal.

From her childhood, she immersed herself in French fashion magazines (Vogue, Elle, Marie-Claire, etc.) with a particular affinity for the fashion pages of weekly journal Jours de France. It is here that she discovered Les Parisiennes de Kiraz — the distinctive, stylised, humourous illustrations of Edmond Kiraz. He depicted the women as « skinny, with big almond-shaped eyes, with long legs… ».
The Parisiennes metaphorically exemplified French elegance, drawing inspiration from the style of the great couturiers of the time.

From an early age, Claude took an interest in the world of Couture fashion. She became passionate about the significance of precious materials, structure, details and finishes of a garment.
She was inspired by the silhouettes of her research to engage the talents of Parisian seamstresses to create custom garments for herself.

As years went by, Claude chose another path. After completing her Masters at the Sorbonne and a 30 year career in Finance, she has returned to the source of her passion: Vintage Couture.

Since 2020

At the beginning of 2020, Claude decided to pursue her passion: Couture Vintage Fashion. After a year of training in the luxury sector (at Essec Paris and Bocconi Milan), she created Iconic Items Paris.

She is fully committed to offering the best of Vintage Couture to fashion enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Her research of design, extensive knowledge of French Couture Houses and confidential network of collectors, make these iconic pieces available to you. The items are unique runway pieces or rarely worn vintage. Claude presents pieces to her clients that showcase their uniqueness, rarity and that highlight their rightful place in vintage couture history.

« Through Iconic Items Paris, I share my love for French Couture Vintage! »

Claude Dossou

Founder of Iconic Items Paris

Only the finest

Vintage pieces from five French luxury houses

Why did Iconic Items Paris choose those particular five brands?

Iconic Items Paris builds its selection of vintage fashion pieces around five luxury houses (Hermès, Chanel, Dior, Alaïa, Margiela), for their history, their strong brand identity and their world-renowned expertise. These five legendary Maisons all have the spirit of Paris as their common thread.

Claude chooses to highlight vintage or exclusive Couture pieces from these Houses, which allow her to share with you her passion for French craftsmanship and excellence. These Maisons perfectly represent the Couture world she loves: unparalleled quality through precise, detailed craftsmanship. Their collections are rich in history and originality. .

We present our curated collections from each house. Couture past to modern present!


2 worldwide symbols : the harnessed duke and a silk square.

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a unique house created by a special woman, where everything is luxury and elegance.

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Du “From the “New Look” to … the remade of Jouy canvas.

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Sculptural dresses, known as an institution today.

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fashion around “deconstruction / transformation” games, under cover.

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They talk about us

The luxury brand Iconic Items Paris revisits luxury fashion through a selection of vintage Couture clothing. Rarely worn and unique pieces from 5 French houses for exceptional looks.

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Iconic Items Paris offers you a personal shopper service if you need help to find a special item : clothes or accessory.
Iconic Items Paris’ crew is this way by your side to please you.

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The Iconic Items Paris concept

Our vision

Iconic Items Paris celebrates French design expertise and promote exclusivity by presenting Vintage Couture pieces as they relate to current fashion trends, connecting the past to the present.

Our added value

Iconic Items Paris has extensive knowledge of the collections of the selected luxury houses, their history and their unique collections.

Our world

Iconic Items Paris offers access to an exclusive world. A universe where excellence and French design expertise is showcased through our curation of iconic, couture vintage pieces!